Autistic Kids Can Have conversations with google glass app

Google Glass App

Google developed google glass app with wearable technology with head mounted display eye glasses for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) children. A new search to coach children with autism spectrum disorder(ASD) has found with Google Glass. Difficulties with social communication which includes maintaining and including conversations with others will be no longer with Google Glass app.

Azadeh Kushki, Assistant Professor at the university of Toronto in Canada says “We developed software for a wearable system that helps coach children with autism spectrum disorder in daily social interations”. She also said that “Children are able to use this new technology and they enjoy interacting with it”.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Children with ASD are often likes new technology devices and finds them highly motivating tools for delivering interventions. Existing technology has a problem of using human to computer interaction to teach social skills can have opposite effect of social isolation of user.
Kushki said”We use this new technology to coach children who are communicating with real world situations”. “The interesting fact about this app is that we are not going to replace human to human interactions”.

Holli – Google Glass Wearable technology

Kushki and her team made the app to be used with Google Glass wearable technology and named it as Holli. The app listens to conversations and prompts the user with proper reply like if a person greets user with ‘welcome’, App will provide different responses like ‘Hey’, ‘Hello’ or ‘morning’.
when the app recognizes the user response, it waits for the next exchange in conversation.  Group of children with ASD were guided by Holli prototype software when interacting people to assess the usability of Holli.
When Researchers seen that the software completes most conversations without an error, children followed prompts to carry on social interaction. To make the conversation naturally Holli was programmed to understand what the user was saying before he/she finished saying.
If the Google Glass app can be used at home and school to reinforce techniques learned in therapy, this technology based intervention helps children with ASD.

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