Bahubali 2 The Conclusion Full Movie Story

Bahubali 2 Movie Full Story

Bahubali 2 released on 28th April and was running successfully allover India and overseas, also collecting huge records and collections. Coming to the story of bahubali 2  The Conclusion it is all about how Mahendra Bahubali (shivudu) Killed Ballala Deva.

Full Story In Detail

After announcing Mahendra Bahubali(Prabhas) as the new ruler of Mahishmathi before the ceremony Shivagami wants bahubali to travel with kattappa. Bahubali and kattapa started to travel then  at a place Bahubali sees devasena fighting with thief’s fell in love with her.

Devasena and Bahubali

Princess Devasena observes bahubali, Kattappa introduces bahubali as lazy person to devasena and asks her to provide any work to him.  Devasena brother-in-law recruits bahubali in his team then bahubali makes him zero to Hero, where devasena doubts on bahubali.
Bahubali spied by ballaladeva and come to know that he was in love with the princess devasena of kunthala kingdom.  Ballaladeva when see’s the image of devasena then he want’s to marry her before bahubali tells to his mother shivagami.
Ballaladeva shows the image of devasena to shivagami and tells that he want to marry her, then shivagami promises him. Shivagami sends gold, pearl’s, diamond’s, ruby’s and marriage proposal to marry his son, where kattappa imagines that proposal is behalf of bahubali.

Reveal of Bahubali

Devasena rejects the marriage proposal sent by shivagami as she don’t like the proposal or demand to marry shivagami son. Enemy attacks kunthala kingdom then bahubali realizes and attacks back the enemy which reveals him as warrior, he wins the battle.
Bahubali get’s a message from shivagami to arrest Devasena for rejecting the marriage proposal and bring her to mahishmathi kingdom. bahubali says to devasena that he loves her and there must be some misunderstanding of shivagami to arrest her.
Amarendra bahubali request’s princess devasena to come with him, as her mother shivagami wants to bring her to mahishmathi kingdom.  Devasena agrees to go along with bahubali as she also loves him so, they started travelling to mahishmathi by boat.

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