Best Free Health & Fitness Apps For Android

Get your health tracked on your mobile, Now get rid of heavy Fitness Programs simply install the best health apps in your mobile to track your health condition. We have collected the best list of mobile health apps which gives you more accurate results than other apps.
We recommend you to use these Apps forever to identify health issues before it’s too late to rectify. Use the health apps daily and regularly with your health gadgets.
These apps are easily monitored and can be shared with your beloved ones.

1. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

Google Fit will track your health with the help of your android mobile or android watch. It will track the activities like walk, run, and be cycling or you can set a goal of your own.
You can set alerts to do activities like walk, jogging and it will display complete insights of the day, week, month and year.

2. Samsung Health App

Samsung health app provides you a complete list of healthy activities for you. It will also record all your daily activities and displays how many calories burnt.
This app is useful to use with Samsung fitness wearable android watches and Samsung Android smartphones.

3. CureFit – health food | fitness | meditation

CureFit will guide you on how to develop healthy habits and makes you fulfill all your health needs, whether it may be exercise, food or mental health.
CureFit mobile app helps to improve healthy lifestyles and holistic cure with fitness, food and mental well-being.

4. Fooducate Healthy Weight Loss & Calorie Counter

Fooducate is the only app to Find out what’s in your food which scans & grades foods based on the used ingredients. Know about the nutrition basics and get notifications for healthy tips.
Eat tasty, healthy, real food and Lose weight while Tracking your calories, macros, and workouts. Read many success Stories from the most supportive community across the world.

5. Mango Health

Mango Mobile Health Care App simplifies your health routine and makes it more interesting to make it fun, easy, and rewarding.
Mango App highlights include reminders, drug interaction info, a health history to take your medicine and keep up with healthy habits.

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