Cancer Vaccine Stanford Eliminates Tumors in Mice

Cancer Vaccine Stanford

Stanford University’s School of Medicine Scientists declared that their new cancer vaccine successfully wiped out tumors in mice. As the cancer vaccine passed in the case of mice, now it should have experimented on human cancer patients.
This new vaccine is directly injected into tumor cells of mice, the mice recovered from the disease. The formula consists of immunotherapy which eliminated the tumors effectively and reduced tumors in untreated parts of mice. the mice which failed the test were given the second time which cleared the tumors completely.
Two immune simulating agents, when used together, eliminates tumor from the body. Professor of oncology Dr. Ronald Levy said that”one-time application of the small amount of immune stimulating agents to stimulate immune cells within the tumor cells.”

Ronald Levy Cancer Vaccine

Dr.Levy and his team are confident that the new vaccine can eliminate cancer fast and inexpensive way. The cost of stimulating the entire body’s immune system is more than the stanfords vaccine which is given to specific tumor cells.
The scientists are ready to start the trial with 15 patients, with low-grade lymphoma. Once If the vaccine is successful then there is no need for surgical removal of tumors, this treatment is called immunotherapy. Scientists also say that “there is no limit to the type of tumor which potentially treated, as long as immune system infiltrated.”

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