If you have lost all or some of your natural teeth, and experiences difficulties while eating and speaking, it can lead to a need for dentures. Modern technology and dentistry have developed dentures that look just like the natural teeth. Dentures can improve the quality of your life as it restores the confidence back. If you are experiencing kind of the same issue with your natural teeth, and looking for a way to resolve it, California Shine Dental provides you all the facilities to develop fitting dentures for you. Best Dentists in San Jose are practising here for years which makes it the most trusted Dentist Clinic.
There could be some reasons why a person is losing his teeth such as gum diseases, tooth decay or any other injuries. People who have lost their teeth can now replace their missing teeth with dentures easily. Replacing your missing teeth or decayed teeth is a crucial part of your dental health. If you are entirely unaware of Dentures, let’s see an overview of it first.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are much like a device which is there to replace your missing teeth in the mouth. Hard tissues support the dentures with a realistic look of the original teeth. There are several types of dentures available for different kinds of people and their needs. Let’s check out the types of dentures first.

Types of Dentures:

Fixed Partial Dentures: This type of dentures are permanently fixed in your mouth. Fixed Partial Dentures are made by crowns which fit on the natural teeth to fill the gap of the missing teeth in your mouth.
Full Dentures: Full Dentures are there for the people who have lost all their teeth. Full dentures come with a pair of upper and lower jaws’ teeth.
Removable Partial Dentures: This type of Dentures is there for the people who have lost some of the teeth. It can be easily removed from your mouth and can fix easily as well.
Implant Dentures: This type of dentures come in the sets which are implanted in patient’s mouth by the dentists.
Dentures are helpful in today’s modern world for the people who have lost their teeth can now live their life with full of confidence. They can present themselves in front of others and can have that smiley face back. Let’s see how a Denture can help you to live a quality life!

Dentures improve your overall Health

Tooth loss can make chewing a difficult task as a person can’t properly eat with missing teeth. If you can’t eat proper food, it can lead to damaging the health of the rest of your body. With Dentures, you can have all of your feedback and can chew them properly. This way you can provide all the required nutrients to your body parts and can live a healthy life ahead. Chewed food digest efficiently for that only reason, we should maintain good dental hygiene.  

Improve your overall appearance

If you have lost your teeth, the muscles on your face will sag which makes you look older than your original age. Once you replace the missing teeth with a fitting denture, your overall appearance will be more engaging. With proper denture, you can get your smiley face back. A set of dentures which would be prepared for you would look exactly like your original teeth, and there will be no any differences. With denture, you can present yourself with more confidence.
Additionally, there are some more benefits which you will get with a pair of Dentures for yourself. Here, we have listed down some of the benefits of using Dentures.

Benefits of using Dentures

  • Restores your ability to speak well and eat well with proper chewing
  • With dentures, your facial muscles will not sag, and you will look young as you are!
  • New generation dentures look like the original teeth which help you to restore your confidence back
  • With proper care, Dentures can last for years without any maintenance

If we talk about the current scenario, over 20 Million women in the United States are using different types of dentures. Use of dentures is also increasing in men as well. According to research, the need for dentures would be increased by 20% by the year 2020.

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