What is Affiliate Marketing

Selling of products indirectly just by referring customers to buy products from Websites or E commerce sites. In Affiliate Marketing all you need to promote/advertise the products in your websites, blogs and social media.

In Affiliate Marketing if a user buys any product with your reference then you earns Percentage on the product, which means you get commission on selling the product.

What You Need To Do Affiliate Marketing

There are many websites which conducts Affiliate program to sell their products online through your reference by paying commission. To run a successive affiliate promotion you must have a good running website with good traffic.

To start marketing you need to display ads where there is good amount of users visit website or blogs or social media pages. You can start affiliate program in your website or blog or your social accounts.

How To Start Marketing

If you are having a website and getting good  traffic then monetize your site and place banners or links or images or ads on your website. The links pasted in your site will be tracked every time when a customer buys a product from your website.


Affiliate Marketing

 Best Affiliate program sites list in India

  • http://www.flipkart.com/s/affiliate
  • https://affiliate.snapdeal.com/
  • https://affiliate-program.amazon.in/
  • http://pages.ebay.in/affiliates/affiliate-offers.html
  • https://in.godaddy.com/affiliate-programs

Other Affiliate Programs

  • https://ads.alibaba.com/
  • http://affiliate.shaadi.com/
  • http://affiliates.bigrock.com/affiliates/
  • https://www.hostgator.com/affiliates/
  • https://www.yatra.com/online/yatra-affiliate.html

The above links are affiliate program links where you can join any affiliate program and start earning money from them.

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