How To Get Pregnancy With Fertility Monitors and Ovulation Test Strips

Fertility Monitors and Ovulation Tests For Women helps to get pregnancy faster. In a study it showed women using ovulation tests took on average 10% less time to become pregnant than women advised to have regular intercourse.

Fertility Monitors work by measuring two fertility hormones, Estrogen & Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in urine. Ovulation Kits often give light or faint lines, leading to a big confusion while reading the LH surge. This is because the amount of LH produced may not be enough for the ovulation kit to detect.

Clear Blue Fertility/Ovulation Monitor with Touch Screen

Clearblue Fertility/Ovulation Monitor with touch screen provides your daily fertility status as well as tracking and storing your unique fertility information. It accurately tracks the levels of 2 key fertility hormones (estrogen and luteinizing hormone) to identify the days in each cycle when you are most likely to get pregnant.  When you have sex on these days, you have the greatest chance of conceiving your baby.

Lady-Comp Fertility Tracker

Lady-comp Fertility Tracker offers a range of functions that enable you to approach natural family planning in a self-determined manner. Thanks to the comprehensive knowledge about your cycle, you always know everything about your cycle. LADY-COMP also gives you an exact overview of your fertility over the last 180 days and the next 6 days. A menstruation prognosis is even possible for the following 6 months. In addition, LADY-COMP shows you the number of monophase cycles, the average length of high temperature stage, and of course your ovulation.

Ovlo Ovulation Test Kit

Ovlo Ovulation Test Kit – Know your fertile days with LH test & app for conceiving. It is a simple, single step device which detects the LH (luteinizing hormone) in urine. If LH is present, two stripes appear on the stick which concludes that ovulation is about to occur and that it is the best time to conceive and become pregnant! Thus it helps predicting two most fertile days to conceive. Just before the process of ovulation, the female body produces large amounts of hormone called LUTEINIZING HORMONE. This hormone is present in the urine and can be detected. By knowing your menstrual cycle and by using OVLO you can predict the ovulation days and by having intercourse during this period you can become pregnant. In a 28 day menstrual cycle, knowing when to have intercourse and increasing the probability of fertilizing your egg, greatly increases the probability of you becoming pregnant.

Inito Fertility monitor Digital Ovulation Kit

Inito Fertility monitor Digital Ovulation Kit allows women to track their fertile days and diagnose fertility conditions without going to the labs and increase their chances of getting pregnant naturally. The device measures the hormone levels using our patented ‘Flat-Lens’ technology while our AI-based app understands cycle variations for every individual user and gives highly accurate results unique to every woman’s body.

Ovatel Saliva Based Fertility Monitor

Ovatel Saliva Based Fertility Monitor is a mini-microscope designed to allow a woman to see if or when she is fertile. This fertility monitor and predictor uses saliva instead of urine to determine when you are close to ovulation. You look through the mini scope to identify a specific crystallization pattern in dried saliva that occurs due to hormones released prior to the time before ovulation.

Pregaplan Ovulation Fertility Test Kit

Pregaplan Ovulation Fertility Test Kit is the most reliable, convenient and easy-to-use to determine those two special days with almost 99 percent accuracy of getting pregnant. Each month, there are two special days where the fertility levels are at their maximum levels. If the couple knows about these 2 days, they can plan their intimate moments accordingly the fertile window. This thereby increases the chances of a successful conception. Pregaplan is the easiest way to know your Fertile Period & increase chances of Conception. This test is convenient to be used in the middle of your cycle, during the time when you would be most likely to ovulate. It is very simple to perform; you only urinate on test stick, activating a chemical that can detect your LH surge. It gives 99% accurate result in detecting surge.

I-know Ovulation Testing Strips For Planning Pregnancy

I-know Ovulation Testing Strips For Planning Pregnancy detects your 5 most fertile days thereby maximizing your chances of conceiving. If the menstruation cycle of a woman begins on the 1st of the month, the ovulation test may be taken on the 14th day of the same month. Ovulation is one of the most important processes for pregnancy to happen. It is the process when an ovary releases an egg which travels down the fallopian tube. Pregnancy will occur if the egg is fertilized by a sperm during the same period. i-know helps in identifying the rise of LH hormone in the body through a simple urine test to detect early signs of ovulation.

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