India successfully Tested Agni-v Ballistic Nuclear Missile Which Can Hit China

Agni-v Ballistic Nuclear Missile Successfully test-fired on Thursday morning off the coast of eastern odisha state. With this test india proved its nuclear capability of intercontinental ballistic missiles.
The ballistic missile with a range exceeding 3,016 miles, where these kind of intercontinental ballistic missile can hit the northern states of china. The main aim behind the test is deployable warhead in land-based ballistic missiles.

Agni-v the 5000 km range intercontinental ballistic missile successfully test-fired at 9:53 am on 18/01/2018. Indian Defense minister, Nirmala Sitaraman said in a tweet that the missile has 3 stages of propulsion and test fired from Abdul Kalaam island off Odisha Coast.
The Agni-v missile was developed by the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of India. The fifth test of 55 foot long Agni-v will be on 18/01/2018, where its first test was in 2012, last test held in december 2017.
Former Indian army colonel Ajai Shukla said that India incrementally developing the complexity of test process. Where he also said that the china now is the weapons maximum range.
U.S and Russia both have several thousand of nuclear warheads where as according to federation of american scientists India has 130 nuclear warheads.
The Indian news channels appreciated the success of Agni-v as India is now entered in exclusive club of countries with ICBMs. The Chinese news channels criticized the success of Agni-v missile by saying that an ICBM ranges over 4970 miles, but India’s Agni-v exceeds 3000 miles.

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