Intelligence Humanoid Robots You Can Buy Online

Intelligence Humanoid Robots You Can Buy Online

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Intelligent Robots

If you are looking for intelligence humanoid robots can buy online then take a look of these popular humanoid robots. You can buy these humanoid robots in Amazon or you can click on the below images.

There are lot of remote control robots available to buy, where there are remote control dog robot, remote control snake robot etc. Buy these intelligent humanoid robots for kids.

UBTECH Alpha 1S Intelligent Humanoid Robot (White)

The UBTECH Alpha 1S humanoid robot is an intelligent robot, where it can walk, talk and also it dances.

This robot interacts with people and gives answers to the asked questions. These robots can recognize places, people and animals.


ROBOTIS Darwin Mini [Intl]

Darwin Mini is an one of the smartest humanoid robot you have ever seen. it has many features like it can walk, talk, pick up things, dance and sings song.

This robot is a best toy for your kids.

Fozela Intelligent Humanoid Robotic Remote Control Robot

Fozela is an one of the best Humanoid Robot which you love to buy as it does many works, which reduces your work stress.

This robots serves drinks, food to you, it also asks your needs and will give you what you want.

Goolsky LE NENG TOYS K2 Police Woman Intelligent Programmable Humanoid Remote Control Robot with Shoot Music Dance Arm-swing Function

Goolsky LE NENG TOYS K2 is the intelligence humanoid robots can buy online,  this is a woman police robot. This robot is programmable which means you can add custom commands to it.

This robot can dance and also it has arm swing function.

9DOF Biped Robot, Leg Robot humanoid Servo Motor Metal Bracket (NO Servo) – KG351

Thus it doesn’t appear like humanoid but this is the intelligent robot. This robot works with servo motors, where it can walk, lift things and arrange things in an order.

This robot is very useful to understand how a robot works.

Star Wars Interactive R2d2 Astromech Droid Robot Fully Operational R2-d2 Droid

Do you love Star War movie, then here you can buy the star war Amstromech Droid Robot.

This robot will speak with you, carry things for you. and more over it runs on its wheels.


Sky Rocket Mebo Robotic Claw Vehicle

This vehicle has a single Robotic Claw to catch the objects. This is not a Robot but it is an vehicle with robotic claw.

It can hold the objects and put them in an order.

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