Reliance Big TV offers free TV channels for 5 year’s

Reliance Big TV Dhamaka Offer

Reliance Big TV company (DTH) announced a new offer in India on 28/02/2018. It has mentioned in its website that it will show 500 featured TV channels free of cost to the customers for five years. Reliance Big TV company claims that it will also show paid TV channels for free for a year to all.
The company announced this plan before the Holi Festival and will be available from 1st March 2018. If you want to take advantage of this plan, you need to pre-book for the set-up box on the official website of Reliance Big TV on March 1st from 10 am. All the Reliance HD TV’s, Reliance Big TV’s and latest HD HEVC users will get features like recording, USB port, YouTube access, and watching TV shows.
You have to spend Rs 499 for pre-booking apart from this for the set-up box and outdoor unit you will have to pay 1,500 rupees and Installation charge of Rs 250. After getting free access to paid channels it will be closed after 1 year after this, customers need to recharge with 300 rupees per month. After the completion of one year, the customers will be refunded on the recharge for the next two years. That is, after three years the entire money 1,999 will be refunded to the customers.
In company’s website, it is stated that “Digital India is a very Prestigious program of the Indian government, which our PM Modi has mentioned many times. The vision of Digital India is to digitally empower the society in the country and get acquainted with the economy. Therefore, we have to make this service available to all citizens. ”
After announcing this new plan, the company’s director, Vijender Singh, said, “This plan is going to define the future of entertainment in India.” He said that Reliance Big TV is free for HD, HDC, and HD HEVC set-top box to bring revolution in entertainment with digital Ready. ”
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