You’d have to be living under a rock not to know that solar lighting is not only stylish, affordable and taking backyards by storm all over America.
Gone is the need to drag extension cords all over your yard or pay expensive lighting designers to dig trenches in your grass for installation of underground copper wiring for standard electrical outdoor lighting.  Energy efficient lighting, particularly solar lighting, only uses natural energy instead of electricity, which means you do your part to reduce your carbon footprint every time they go on!  You save money, you save energy and you do your part to save the planet!
The most valuable benefit of solar lighting over traditional electric bulbs and fixtures for your yard is that the light only requires the sun’s rays to recharge their batteries!; Yep: you heard right.; Batteries.; Provided you don’t have goats or horses that may kick or otherwise chomp on your solar yard lighting, your solar lights should last for quite a while and all you have to do is remember to replace the batteries.
Using outdoor lights that run on solar rather than electricity eliminates the need for outdoor outlets, power cords, and that extra charge on your monthly electricity bill.; For your initial investment you will be rewarded with many years of free lighting for your outdoor living spaces, but you will also have the peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part to go green!
Another good reason to go solar energy when it comes to selecting outdoor lighting is that they are generally all run automatically.; That means you no longer have to worry about setting a timer or turning on the lights before dark. Once you install outdoor solar lighting in your yard they do the work for you, charging all day long with the energy from the sun and then turning themselves on at night and off again in the morning.
Solar lighting can be tricky if you want big, bright spaces in your outdoor areas. Generally, most solar lighting provides small levels of illumination for setting a mood, but you can kick up the brightness factor of an area easily by simply adding more lighting fixtures or using larger fixtures for those dark areas or where you want significantly bright lighting.
Solar lighting options are plentiful when it comes to looking and styles. If you are a craftsman era fan manufacturers make some beautiful outdoor solar lighting that matches a wide range of d;cor, including rod iron, copper and other materials.; You can literally extend your interior design and d;cor to your yard by choosing outdoor solar lighting that matches your furniture, the style or era of your home, the colors and even the shape of fixtures on the inside of your living spaces.
Being green is not difficult and choosing energy efficient lighting for your outdoor areas will turn your back or front yard spaces into magical settings for family gatherings, barbecues, and other events.; You won’t have chords all over your yard or dangling from trees, putting guests and visitors at risk of falling and, best of all: you’ll be sending a message to those who come to your home that energy efficient lighting is here to stay; affordable and becoming more and more a part of every home’s outdoor living design.
Be sure to take pictures of your existing lighting fixture locations and use these to determine how many solar lights you’ll need for your outdoor areas, where to place them and which type you need.; Many outdoor lights that run on solar are simply stuck in the ground like stakes, however, there are others that are bolted to sidings, structures, and trees.; Determine which kind you need ahead of time and know how many you need to lighten up darker areas!

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