Flowers are the most beautiful gift to send to your loved ones. But if you are planning to
send them to anyone living in other country, make sure you send it in the most proper way. There
are varieties of superstitions we all see and get to know of different places. One of such superstitious place and city is Brazil. The most common thing that they have various superstitions on is the flowers. Here are a few important pros and cons of sending flowers as gift to someone in Brazil.


We are always very optimistic about things. Here is why we love to send flowers as gifts to people.

  • Flowers are the most beautiful thing on Earth. Having flowers in house as decorating prop
    makes your house look amazing. Besides, they energize and make the atmosphere pure and
  • Flowers, like plants, exert oxygen that keeps the aura of the house afresh. It also helps us
    breathing as well.
  • One of the most important features of flowers is its eternal positivity. The positive vibes that
    flowers resonate makes your house ambiance very much peaceful. So, it is always the best
    idea to buy flowers online to get them in their best form. You would never like to
    compromise the quality of the flower as it affects the beauty of your home as well.
  • Flowers are the easiest thing that are available everywhere. So, having quick access to
    beautiful flowers is another advantage of flowers as gifts.
  • There are certain flowers and plants that bring good vibes with them. One of them is
    Bamboo plants. Bamboo plants bring good luck and good fortune to the house you keep it
    in. Fang Shui believes that this plant is very auspicious for your house.
  • There are 5 materials of nature that are- earth, water, fire, metal and wood. Gifting any of
    them holds very special message of well wish with them. As you cannot send them only,
    send the flowers with them. Bamboo plant is such a special idea of it. Bamboo plants need
    pebbles and coins to the glass jar in water. Binding the plant with red thread is a symbol of
  • Indoor flower arrangements are very easy to keep afresh. They need very little maintenance
    cost and time.
  • Jasmine being the famous flower in Brazilian Mythology is a very special flower to gift
    people. Such romantic flowers stand to be very amazing gifts.

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Everything in this world has two sides. In Durkheim’s words, it is ‘Sacred’ or good and ‘Profane’ or
bad. Here are the cons of flowers as a gift.

  • Flower is elegant but it needs maintenance to keep it beautiful. Some might think it is a
    waste of time in their busy life. Some also feel that it is an extra expense.
  • Plastic spreads only negativity. So, to reduce the recipient’s pressure, you might choose to
    send them artificial flowers as gift. This is a very bad choice of floral gifts.
  • Bright color flowers might seem to be very stunning but they are not good in real. They
    capture all the negativities in the home and absorb them. But they don’t let it go away; rather
    they preserve those in themselves.
  • Bonsai is a good plant to look, but they need space to grow. So it is not a good choice for an
    indoor décor. Besides, they have a very slow growth rate.
  • Cacti plants look amazing when they flower. But they are not at all a good choice of flower
    to keep inside. Flowering cacti has a name of being a bad omen. Brazilians believe they trap
    negative energies inside them.
  • Plumeria category flowers invite snakes. So Brazilians deny keeping any of such category
    flowers inside home.
  • Flower petals reflect beauty and energize the house with good air. But at the same time, if
    you don’t remove them at time, they can pollute your ambiance as well.
  • Brazilians are very superstitious about the directions. They believe hanging bright flowers in
    North or North-East in pot brings bad luck.
    Next time you send someone flowers in Brazil, consider the above info to avoid trouble.

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