Things to do in Qatar: a glorious fusion of sand & sea

Things to do in Qatar: a glorious fusion of sand & sea – Qatar is full of sun and sea all year round, as well as a whole scattering of colorful sights! It will undoubtedly enchant you with a burning mix of historical monuments, strange skyscrapers, intricate monuments and other wonders of modern architectural thought. Anyone will fall in love with the delicate sandy beaches and charm with the adventures in the desert.

Quick fact check:

  • Visa may be required depending on what passport hold;
  • The local currency is Qatari rial, QAR;
  • The local language is Arabic.

What about Qatar’s weather? When should one go?

You can go to Qatar at any time of the year – it is always entertaining and enjoyable there. From November to April, the weather is warm, dry, which means that the winter season is great for travelling around the country, sightseeing and relaxing at sea. January is considered the coolest – comfortable plus 23 degrees allow you to stroll along the picturesque Corniche in Doha without haste. Get lost in the labyrinth of shops at the Souk Waqif market saturated with fragrant spices and go in search of historical monuments hidden among the sand dunes. During warm months, swimming in the Arabian Gulf should be preferred to relax by the pools equipped with Qatar’s beach hotels.

The second half of the year is the best time for sunbathing and swimming in the sea. You can’t deny that it’s a great option to spend a sultry day. You can hide from the heat in shopping malls that sell everything from jewellery to designer clothes, as well as during a sail on a traditional dhow boat, diving and other water activities.

Attractions we recommend to visit.

Museum of Islamic Art

Qatar’s symbols are like a stepped pyramid and an artistic composition made of giant cubes. The architecture of the building reveals notes of Arab or Bedouin traditions and styles. 

The interior decoration amazes and captivates – absolute luxury reigns here! Exquisite yet laconic interiors feature exhibits that embody Arab culture: precious jewellery, whimsical sculptures, weapons, carpets, tiles and much more.

Cultural Village “Qatar”

On the territory of Doha, Qatar, which was named after the ancient name of the peninsula, now belonging to this eastern state, has grown, as if drawn based on the “Thousand and One Nights”.

Among the shady arches, carved turrets and buildings decorated with graceful tiles, there are theatres, galleries, and Arabic cuisine. Inexpensive pearl jewellery is also sold here – a wonderful souvenir in memory of Qatar! And here you can also relax on an excellent comfortable beach.

Bazaar Souk Waqif

A walk through the colourful Doha market is an excellent opportunity to understand the locals’ customs better. A few blocks of winding streets hide countless shops selling all sorts of things, from souvenirs and spices to exotic animals and furniture. Incense and smells of spicy herbs and spices spread from everywhere, creating a unique atmosphere of the East. It is good to watch brisk trade from the open terrace of a cafe or restaurant. Often at the bazaar, you can see the mounted police in traditional caftans and arafats – it seems as if ancient warriors are keeping order.

“Inland Sea” Khor al-Adaid

No trip to Qatar is complete without a visit to perhaps the most impressive natural treasure of the “inland sea” country, Khor al-Adaid. It is included in the UNESCO list and is one of the few places on the planet where saltwater penetrates deep into the kingdom of sand dunes. These areas are inhabited by rare animal species that you can often see at the water’s edge. It is impossible to find a more romantic corner! Especially at sunset, when the sun sets over the dusty rose-coloured horizon.

Getting around in Doha, Qatar, is relatively easy. Even with the cheapest rent-a-car in Doha, you get top-notch service.

Qatar is rich in culture, beautiful sights, excellent gastronomy! It is worth coming here to take a different look at life and warm yourself under the rays of the bright sun at any time of the year.

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