My Phone With Cracked Screen – What Should I Do?

How To Fix a Cracked Phone Screen at home?

A cracked screen is one of the most common smartphone problems that people encounter. It may crack in such a way that the phone is still working, or it may crack and the phone ceases to work at all. Either way, you may assume that your only option is to buy a new phone. But what if you could get the screen repaired and your phone as good as new? Contrary to popular opinion, mobile phone repair is very real and it works – many people have had phones brought back to life that had far worse than a cracked screen. Before you give up on your phone because of a cracked screen.

Touch Screen Repair

  • Check with your manufacturer to see what are the options available?. While it is true manufacturers usually offer warranties, it is not easy to get them to do phone repairs unless the fault is definitely on their side.
  • If, for example, the screen on your iPhone 6 plus cracked as it was being shipped to you then you can have iPhone 6 plus screen replacement with few questions asked. However, if it happen when you were already using it the manufacturer may not be able to help at all.
  • You can, however, find an iPhone repair company that can get the job done. These companies don’t care how the phone got damaged – they will repair your phone regardless of the circumstances under which it broke. Find a phone repair company that deals with your particular brand and model or you can check Samsung galaxy stats. – just because a company can repair an iPhone doesn’t necessarily mean that that can repair other models.
  • Get the names of a few companies that you think can get the job done and call them. Give them your phone brand and a quick explanation of what happened before your screen cracked and then listen to what they say. If they sound knowledgeable about screen repair you can trust them. Find out how you should get the phone to them – it is best to drop it off personally or send it by registered mail.
  • Before you send your phone for repairs it is important to find out how long the company will take. Some phone repair technicians take so long repairing phones that owners have no option but to invest in new ones. The best iPhone cracked screen repair companies are able to deliver same day service so long as they are not dealing with very serious issues.
  • If you have a few other phones lying at home that you no longer use because of minor damage you may want to consider sending them off for repairs – once they are back in good working order you can give them away to charity or pass them on to less fortunate relatives. You can also sell them back to the manufacturer.

If you are concerned about the cost of repairs talk to the repair company – many are happy to offer discounts in order to make phone repairs affordable.

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