Unusual & Creative Birthday Party Ideas for Best Friends

Best friends are precious. Not everyone will laugh at your lame jokes, assure you that you look stunning even when you are a mess and yet be the first to tell you when you’re about to make a really stupid decision. The one person who you can count on, no matter what, truly deserves to know how much he or she means to you. They deserve more than just a cliched surprise birthday party. Here are seven ways to really make your event extra special for best friend’s birthday day. Catch them off guard with these one of a kind birthday surprises!

1) Special Delivery to Work 

Going to office on your birthday can be a drag. Make your best friends special day better by throwing a surprise part for him or her, right at their office! Brighten up the office space with a few balloons, order in a pizza and a flower bouquet. Get a birthday gift delivery at his or her office. Don’t forget the birthday cake!

2) Fly in a Long Distance Friend 

Landmark birthdays are meant to be grand! If you and your best friend have a common friend living in another city, it is a great idea to plan your best friend’s birthday surprise together! Having a friend from a distant city show up at their door step for a mini reunion right on their birthday is the best gift they could receive!

3) Explore Uncharted Territory 

If your best friend has a bucket list of things they want to do but haven’t got about doing, this is the perfect opportunity to help them tick some of those things off! Be it a visit to that café they always wanted to visit or going bungee jumping, your friend will be touched by your thoughtfulness.
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4) Movie Montage of Memories 

If you are in a long distance relationship with your best friend this is a great idea! Get all your friends and your best friend’s family members to send you videos and pictures of their favorite memories with him or her. Compile all the videos and photos into a montage. Add in birthday wishes from the ones your best friend loves! The montage is sure to make your best friend feel loved. Don’t be surprised if you find him or her all teary by the end of it. If you’re friend lives in San Jose, you could even opt for the flower delivery san jose option to make sure they get a bouquet of flowers around the same time you send them the video montage.

5) Home Personal Chef 

If your best friend usually cooks for himself/ herself. Give him or her a break on their birthday. Of course you could take your best friend out for a birthday dinner or even surprise them with a meal prepared by you. However, if you truly want to pamper them on their birthday (and cooking super fancy meals just isn’t your thing), hire an in-home-chef! Your friend will love a relaxing worry free evening with you as you enjoy the mouth-watering gourmet food together.

6) How to Make a Birthday Gift 

You can’t have a birthday surprise without a birthday gift can you? Most of us are tired of getting the same old generic gifts on our birthdays and want to get our best friends something special. The best way to get your best friend a gift completely customized for him or her is to make it! Try to think of who your friend is as a person, if your friend is a bookworm make her jewelry that has her favorite quote on it, if he likes drinking his coffee get him a customized coffee mug! After all you know your best friend best. You could also throw in a handmade, personalized greeting card to make their birthday extra special!

7) Hit the Road! 

If your best friend is the adventurous kind, why not plan a surprise road trip for his or her birthday! The best part about this surprise is that your friend gets to go on his or her dream holiday with you without having through the hassle of planning it making all those reservations! You can even prepare a knapsack for him or her with all that your friend might need on the trip!
These seven birthday surprises are the perfect ways to show your best friend how much they mean to you! While a surprise birthday party and gifts could make someone smile (even when he expects it), your best friend deserves only the best. We promise you that the extra effort you put in to make their birthday special will be worth it.

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