Want To Buy Drone Know The Facts Before You Buy Drones

Want To Buy Drone Know The Facts Before You Buy Drones

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Drone is an English word given with the name of male bee, where drones have similarities of the bee so it is given the name drone. These drones works with “unmanned aerial system” and also known as tiny planes without pilots. The drones used for public purpose are called “un-manned aerial vehicle” and the drones used for military are called as “un-manned aerial combat vehicle”.

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A drone flies in the sky, captures images, delivers goods, used in agriculture, used in army and rescue operations and many more. Drones are used in places where you cannot reach and mainly it flies in the sky, so you can buy drones online. Children plays with cars with the help of remote control same way a drone can operate a drone with remote control.

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A drone has gps system with which your drone can be tracked and can specify where to go, where to come, where to take off and where to land. It can avoid obstacles in its way due to sensors installed in it, there are various drones depending on capacities. There are various drones available in the market, where you can buy from online for your entertainment.

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Anyone can use drone as it is very easy to control it, even you can use it with your smart phone.  A drone is used as toy or can be used to monitor things by staying at one place.

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Why drones are created

Drones were first created 100 years back for army to utilize in war, where they were used to destroy enemy planes in air. In Vietnam War drones with cameras were used to attack enemy, now-a-days drones carries missiles on it.

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Several countries are using drones in army to spy enemies and for border security, where they use advanced drones with weapons on it. There are various types of drones are used now –a-days quad-copters, octa-copters are in use.

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Drones are of five types they are:

  1. Nano Drones
  2. Micro Drones
  3. Mini Drones
  4. Small Drones
  5. Large Drones

The biggest drone in the world weights 150 kg and where as a nano drone weights 250 grams to 2kgs.

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Rules and Regulations to Use Drone’s at home

  • Micro Drones for personnel usage above 2 kg must have permission to fly in particular places only.
  • Drones can be used for photography, medical purpose, Ad films and movie shootings. They can be used for home delivery for e-commerce sites, restaurants can deliver their food.
  • There are some places which are “No Drone Zone”, where you cannot fly near airports, country borders, courts, president house, government buildings, army camps, navy and air force.
  • You cannot use drones at government properties around 500 meters, which will be a crime to use drone at unauthorized areas.
  • Except nano drones you should have permission for other drones to fly at public areas.
  • Government has taken amendments in law for privacy protection of drones.

Below are the few drones available online which you can buy:

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